Land & Resources

img_2743Purpose – Duty to Consult

Historic Saugeen Métis (HSM) are among the Indigenous peoples who have lived in, cared for and relied on the traditional Saugeen territory for generations. It is the responsibility of the current HSM Council to ensure a sustainable environment for current and future Métis families claiming Section 35, Canada Constitution Act (1982) aboriginal rights in the traditional Métis Saugeen territory. The HSM Lands, Resources, and Consultation Department supports the policies of HSM Council by advising and assisting development proponents with their duty-to- consult about projects occurring within Métis Saugeen territory.

Consultation and Engagement

We have recently refined our procedures for consultation and engagement where Métis interests and/or rights may be affected by proposed developments on land or water within our traditional territory. In particular, we review Archaeological Assessment, Built Heritage Resources, Cultural Heritage Resources, and Environmental Assessment Reports on proposed developments to ascertain the impacts on our Métis Community.

Engagement Plan and Log

In many instances when projects evolve over a longer period of time we work with proponents to prepare an Engagement Plan and complete an Engagement Log of events and activities for specific projects.

Letter of Support

For larger projects, and as may be required by legislation or regulations, a Letter of Support can be issued by our Métis Council.

Capacity and Benefit Agreements

Often our staff effort and communication of project information to Métis Community members will require a Capacity Agreement to enable our work. Benefit Agreements may also be reached with proponents where the effects of projects are predicted over several years.

Our Clients

Our consultation and engagement procedures have been implemented with a variety of clients involving the nuclear, wind, and solar energy sectors, federal and provincial regulators, and municipal governments.