Statement of Prime Purpose

OVERVIEW : The Statement of Prime Purpose expresses the values and principles of the Historic Saugeen Métis. It embodies the vision of a distinctive Great Lakes Métis peoples, the Historic Saugeen Métis, and is central to all aspects of the HSM, from the genesis of our policies, to our democratic processes and institutions. The HSM operates in accordance with the Statement of Prime Purpose, but also the HSM By-Laws and the HSM Electoral Code .

We Declare as Follows:

We, the Historic Saugeen Métis, are a distinctive Great Lakes Métis peoples among the Aboriginal peoples in Canada and as such our Aboriginal rights are recognized and affirmed under Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

We, the Historic Saugeen Métis, assert communal rights as an historic rights-bearing Métis community, according to the Supreme Court decision R. V. Powley (2003).

We, the Historic Saugeen Métis, have the goal of inherent right of self-government.

We, the Historic Saugeen Métis live within the traditional Saugeen Métis territory, and desire to bind our people together to collectively promote our common cultural, social, political, and economic well-being, have established a representative government with the following aims and objectives:

  1. To gain recognition and respect for Métis as an aboriginal people emerged from the fur trade.
  2. To preserve and promote Métis culture, history, values, traditions, and pride in the contributions of the Historic Saugeen Métis community, a distinctive historic Great Lakes Métis community that operated within a cohesive regional trading network, along the shoreline of Lake Huron proper, and today is located at the mouth of the Saugeen River, Southampton, Ontario.
  3. To research, publish and promote the historical record of Historic Saugeen Métis community, and to establish and maintain a registry of the Historic Saugeen Métis families.
  4. To establish democratic institutions based on our goal of inherent right of self-government.
  5. To encourage the full participation of all registered Métis in the activities of the Historic Saugeen Métis community.
  6. To promote and foster community development, and encourage academic and skill aspirations.
  7. To develop prosperity and economic self-sufficiency within the Historic Saugeen Métis.
  8. To strive to provide care and support necessary to meet the fundamental needs of the citizens of the Métis.
  9. To re-establish resource bases.
  10. To promote and protect the sustainability of the environment as it relates to Métis interests, rights and way of life.
  11. To establish effective means of communications for the Historic Saugeen Métis.

“The most fundamental right Metis have is to their identity as Aboriginal people and their continuing use of the land –  whether it be for hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering food and medicines  or for any of their traditional pursuits”