The Métis are a distinctive Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Their Aboriginal rights are recognized and affirmed under Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. The independent Historic Saugeen Métis community, in existence since the 1820s, registers descendants of historic Saugeen Métis families through a community acceptance process, and verifies their historic connections through genealogical documentation.  This Registration Process establishes the community’s credibility and integrity.

Through the Registry process Saugeen Métis take their rightful place in the area’s rich history, and are acknowledged rightfully for their contributions to the development of the Lake Huron coastline from the Upper Detroit region to the tip of the Saugeen Peninsula.

Please Note: We only register descendants of families that were part of the historic community in Saugeen region prior to effective control. We are not able to provide genealogical services or documentation to persons applying to other Métis organizations or communities. 


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